Time For New Leadership!

Americans of all political stripes are seeking a vibrant, positive alternative that will rekindle interest in our political process and renew faith in our institutions.

One-hundred million Americans no longer vote.  They look for coupon codes.  And, more than two-thirds of us feel that the government is run to benefit big special interests rather than the people.  The people no longer trust the permanent Washington “inside the beltway” community to run the country in the interest of average men and women.   There is a growing cry for a consensus oriented alternative to the negative, partisan, “divide and conquer” tactics  of the two major parties.

America needs a positive, unifying vision.  Since participation measures the strength of a democracy, our system must become relevant and meaningful again to the growing majority of Americans who no longer vote.

Americans are seeking a trusted figure from outside traditional politics. A respected individual who can articulate a clear, positive vision for the next 25 years.  Someone who can fill the leadership vacuum and overcome the cynicism created by the major parties fighting about the last 25 years.

I Like Mike.

America’s candidate is Michael Jordan.

Mr. Jordan is a gifted athlete. A successful businessman. A global media phenomenon. Husband and father of three. Active citizen and avid sportsman.

Michael is a role model to millions of young people across America and worldwide. He is an icon of the American idea throughout the world.  His reputation spans Europe, Africa and particularly Asia.

Handsome and articulate, graceful and athletic with a winning smile and 100% name identification. A self-made man worth more than $300 million.  A fierce competitor, he is known for his boundless energy.  And his indomitable will.  His personal style exemplifies the best of American perserverance, determination and commitment to excellence.

Michael Jordan may well be the only figure in American culture today with the ability to ignite the more than 100 million people who rarely vote as well as the 25 to 35 million frequent voters seeking to break the stranglehold of the two major parties on our system.

According to a 1996 Gallup Youth Poll, among younger Americans, Michael Jordan is the top choice for President.

Mr. Jordan is the most recognized man on the face of the earth. It is likely that he would be the most exciting candidate in the history of American politics. Indeed, very few Americans have the stature in our culture to make a positive appeal to the alienated, and the frustrated — and young people.   Today, in the United States — that’s more than a plurality — that’s a solid majority.

Now all we have to do is execute our game planand persuade Mike to think seriously about running.


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